PetPaint Stencil Pack - Hot Rod Dog


HOT ROD DOG Stencil kit includes: Flame 1, Flame 2, Small Flame 1, Small Flame 2. Your dog can look as sleek as Grease Lightening wth this PetPaint Hot Rod Stencil Pack! Save money on a Pet Halloween Costume by purchasing colored hair spray for your pet and this hot stencil pack.




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The Cutest Homemade Dog Costumes

These stencils make the cutest homemade dog costumes! I love that you get so many stencils in this one pack. Plus it is super affordable! This is perfect for those of us that don't have an artistic gift to make excellent patterns. I love these stencils and they go great with the pet paint.
Posted by Darcy, 2nd Sep 2013

Easy costumes for dogs

With pet paint it is so easy to make costumes for dogs. These stencils make it even easier! I get great results every time. I love it! I'll be ordering more stencils for sure.
Posted by Tim, 5th Aug 2013

Affordable Pet Costumes For Dogs

I love affordable pet costumes for dogs. Costumes from the store can be so expensive. This site allows you to make your own! I love how affordable this stencil is. It includes 4 different designs for you to choose from.
Posted by undefined, 24th Jun 2013