PetPaint Stencil Pack - Hipster Hound


HIPSTER HOUND Stencil kit includes: Peace Fingers, Peace Sign, Smiley Face, Cloud, Daisy, "LOVE". Decorate your dog for Halloween to match your Hippie Costume or 70's costume. Pair our inexpensive stencils with our pet safe colored spray, and you will have endless options for Halloween costumes for your pet without breaking the bank. 




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Easy to make pet costumes for dogs

With this stencil pack it is so easy to make awesome pet costumes for dogs! I love how simple it is. I was excited to try pet paint but was worried my painting wouldn't be good enough. Luckily this stencil pack takes the guesswork out! I'm so happy with it.
Posted by Emma, 21st Aug 2013

The best pet costumes for dogs

Pet Paint helps me make the best pet costumes for dogs. I love it! It has definitely taken my costumes to the next level. It is so easy to use. I definitely recommend it.
Posted by Pam, 5th Aug 2013

Unique costumes for dogs

I love these stencils! They make it so easy to make cool costumes for dogs! I didn't think I'd be able to make it look good at first. But the stencils really help! I'm glad I ordered them.
Posted by Erica, 22nd Jul 2013

DIY pet costumes for dogs

This kit is great for pet costumes for dogs. The stencils make everything so easy. They look great! I've used the peace sign and the smiley face so far. I can't wait to try the other ones out!
Posted by undefined, 30th Jun 2013

Hipster Costumes For Dogs

I love hipster costumes for dogs. This stencil has so many cute designs. This gives you six amazing costumes options in one affordable stencil. Dog costumes are so much fun. Paint gives you a much easier way to decorate your pooch.
Posted by undefined, 24th Jun 2013