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Premier Selection of Homemade Dog Costumes Here


There probably may be other place to got, but we guarantee you none are better than us. We are of course Pet Paint, and we offer the most extensive selection of homemade dog costumes on the market. With the holdiday season right around the corner, why not spice it up a bit and have a little fun with you favorite four-legged friend. At Pet Paint, we are always willing to work with you, which is why we offer wholesale pricing options. 

Pet Paint is our own little unique invention. Is is simply just colored hairspray for dogs. Other than it being bright, the best part of our product is that it is easy to use and safe for dogs to lick. In fact, Pet Paint is veterinarian approved. Pet Paint was founded and created by Abe Geary, who had a vision of changing the way owners celebrated holidays, birthdays and other special occessions with their dogs. 

In and effort to constantly grow and improve as a company, we are always looking to improve our product line. We are constantly coming up with additional colors that we think our current and future customers will definitely enjoy. We encourage you to further navigate around our site so that you can get a better gauge of what we are about and what we offer here Pet Paint.