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Pet Safe Paint Makes the Holidays Fun!


With Thanksgiving only a day away, your mind has probably turned to family gatherings and festive times with loved ones. For your dog, he's probably thinking about how strange people will be invading his house, but will hopefully slip him bits of turkey or ham once dinner starts. If you want to dress your dog up for the holidays, don't resort to uncomfortable costumes or scratchy sweaters. Instead, add a bit of holiday fun with pet safe paint from Pet Paint!

Our variety of spray paint colors lets you use your imagination when dressing up your dog this holiday season. Use the Whippet White to add a few snowflakes to your dog's dark coat, or grab the Greyhound Green and Rescue Red for some holly and ivy. Your pooch will be the talk of the party and with proper application, our pet safe paint won't rub off on the furniture or your guests' nice clothes. Our products have been thoroughly tested and certified as completely safe for dogs, cats, and any other pets that you may have!

As with any new thing, it will take your pet some time to get used to being painted, so if your holiday party is still a few weeks away, it's a good idea to do a test run. Try a few colors and patterns to see what you like and what your pet will tolerate, and if you don't like it, our paint easily washes off. Make your holiday season fun and festive with Pet Paint!

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