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We're the Safe, Affordable Alternative to Pet Costumes for Dogs

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We've all seen them. Those unfortunate canines subjected to the whims of over-exuberant owners intent on finding the most humiliating pet costumes for dogs available. Where the owner appears to believe that their dog looks uniquely adorable, the dog himself looks downright miserable; not to mention ridiculous. Admit it, it made you laugh - and not in a good way. That poor pup is paraded around while the owner somehow remains oblivious to the levels of doggy degradation that their furry friend is feeling. Maybe their denial comes from having to justify the exorbitant amount that they paid to have their dog look like Snooky from Jersey Shore or, inexplicably, a taco.

Admittedly, pet owners are getting increasingly creative in their costume and dress up choices but for those dogs that are prone to chewing and biting, some dogs costumes could be downright dangerous; as they pose a choking and toxicity danger. Pet Paint hairspray for dogs allows you to get truly and uniquely creative while dressing up your pet without paying the high prices or spending hours upon hours making it yourself. 

Veterinarian-approved and easy to apply, Pet Paint is the first pet-safe paint intended for the sole purpose of decorating your pet's fur. Rest assured that your dog won't tear his costume to shreds at the first opportunity. Even licking won't remove, or even dull the vibrancy of,your dog's spray painted costume. Available in a rainbow of colors, with a variety of fun stencils meant to make patterns and designs easy to apply, Pet Paint is the original dog spray paint that is sure to make your dog a happy standout during holidays or at your next doggy outing. 

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