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Blog - Halloween costumes for dogs

The Alternative to Expensive Halloween Costumes for Dogs


This time of year brings falling colorful leaves; crisp cool, breezy air; pumpkin-laced everything and lots of opportunities to paint your dog. Pet owners all over America will use the next few months creating ways to include their dogs in their holiday celebrations starting with Halloween. The trend of dressing up your pet for the October holiday continues to grow with people spending 40% more than they did just two years ago. Americans will be spending a record $370 million costuming their pets this Halloween. 

Ridiculous? Perhaps, but dressing up your dog is one of the easiest ways of including him in the fun and spirit of the day. And Pet Paint is one of the easiest ways to do so. With Pet Paint, not only can you avoid the expensive, bulky and uncomfortable Halloween costumes for dogs that are likely to not last longer than your kid's trick or treat candy, you can avoid having to find the right one. 

Pet Paint allows you to create the perfect look that is unique to your pet and not be held to the ideas of the large costume manufacturers. Plus, if you're planning to buy pre-made Halloween pet costumes you'll need to get started on that right away. Heading into the second half of September, you may find that the right costume in the right size and at the right price is already becoming somewhat of a rarity. 

Dressing up your dog for Halloween can be a frightening prospect. Avoid being disappointed this year and create a costume for your pet that is both affordable and safe.