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Blog - Halloween Pet Costumes

Halloween Tips Meant to Keep Your Pet Safe


Where Halloween is a favorite holiday of many people, the holiday can be downright frightening to some of our four-legged friends. Where we may have fun with the sights, sounds and surprises of the night of October 31, dogs and cats often find them disruptive and scary. Keeping your pet safe this Halloween takes just a little bit of attention and another bit of preparation. 

  • Watch the decorations and the potential risk they pose to your pets safety. Lit candles and electric accessories obviously present hazards that your pet may not be used to but so can those fake cobwebs and rubber body parts if chewed on. Make sure that they are out of reach of your pet.
  • Halloween pet costumes can also present a number of safety hazards. Make sure that the costume is free of any parts that can be bit off or that can become entangled on anything causing injury or choking. Also keep their face free of any costume part that could block their vision or ability to hear. For a completely safe alternative, try vet-approved Pet Paint when dressing up your pet to avoid any potential problems. 
  • Keep the candy bowl out of reach and do not allow anybody to feed your cat or dog anything. Chocolate is toxic to dogs as is artificial sweetener.
  • Prepare a room for your pet where they can feel safe, comfortable and away from those things that are frightening them. Keep them indoors as much as possible to avoid them getting out and lost and the temptation of pranksters. 

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