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Pet Safe Paint for Your Next Football Party


Fall is here, and that means football season is upon us. Whether you cheer for your local high school team under the Friday night lights, you root for your favorite college or university on the gridiron come Saturday, or you support a professional team on Sunday, you love celebrating your fandom in any way you can. If you're a diehard football fan, you want the entire family to share in your passion, including your pets. With pet safe paint from Pet Paint, your dog can wear your favorite player's jersey and number, and be right there with you during every exciting game.

No matter what colors your team wears, you'll find pet safe paint that works on your pooch. If your favorite team sports red jerseys, paint your dog with our Rescue Red spray. Long-lasting and vet-tested, our pet paint will let your dog show his support for your team all season long. Our paint removes the worry of uncomfortable pet costumes and clothing, and having to try to put an actual jersey on your pooch.

Our products are non-toxic, so you won't have to worry about any adverse effects on your dog. When you invite your friends over for the next big game, they can bring their pets and you can have an entire team of doggie sports fans! You can buy our pet paint online, or contact your local pet store to see if they carry our products. Show your dedication to your favorite team, and get the entire family involved, dogs and all!