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Pet Hair Dye That's Easy to Use!

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If you're looking for a fun new way to dress up your dog without the worry of uncomfortable clothes and costumes, then Pet Paint is the perfect solution for you. Our pet hair dye is easy to use and your dog, cat, or horse will look fantastic with a bit of color added to their coat. It's best to use our paint on your pet's back, sides and tail area, keeping the dye away from their eyes, ears, and mouth.

Our pet hair dye has been thoroughly tested by veterinarians and has been deemed completely safe for pets. If you just want to add a star to your bulldog's backside or want to see what your pug looks like as a tiger, Pet Paint can make your wishes come true. We also sell stencils that allow you to achieve specific looks and designs on your dog. If you're not sure what design to put on your pooch, check out our Gallery of pet photos. Our spray paint works for pets of all shapes and sizes, and as the owner, you have complete control over the end result.

So if you want a pink husky or a yellow Yorkie, visit Pet Paint today. You'l find everything you need to dress up your pet, and our dye washes off easily, but won't come off on furniture or carpet. We're always looking to improve, because we want to bring our very best to our customers. If you have a great design idea, or have painted your pooch recently, please share a picture on our Pet Paint Instagram page!