A Colorful Hound with Dog Spray Paint

Many pet owners love dressing up their animals, but it can often be hard to find the perfect outfit or color for your dog or cat. At Pet Paint, we're here to provide a safe and effective alternative to bulky cat clothes and itchy dog sweaters. With our dog spray paint, you can dress and embellish your hound with a variety of colors. They'll stand out at the next holiday or big family event, and you can use them to share messages or show support for a cause.

Perhaps you love talking your dog on walks for charity, such as cancer awareness or children's causes. With our dog spray paint, you can add a loved one's name to their coat, or paint a pink ribbon on their side, and both you and your pet will proudly show your support. Our products are completely safe for animals, and easily wash off when you're ready to remove them. By using our setting spray, the colors won't bleed or run onto your carpet or furniture. If you own a pet boutique or grooming shop, you can also find out how to be a Pet Paint Partner and purchase wholesale products from us.

Show your unique side, as well as your dog's personality, with pet safe paint from Pet Paint. Our furspray is easy to apply, but please remember to keep your dog's comfort in mind at all times, since new things are often a big scary for any pooch. After being accustomed to it, your dog will love dressing up and wearing all kinds of Pet Paint colors!