Colored Pet Hair Spray - Yorkie Yellow


Yorkie Yellow, veterinarian tested and long-lasting colored hair spray for your pet. PetPaint is the perfect dog safe color spray for your dog, cat, horse, and any other pet with a coat! Dress up your furry friend for holidays, parades, birthdays and more! Decorate Dixie like a princess this Halloween, or dye your poodle's ears and feet for your upcoming show! Safe, professional quality pet hair color make the best pet costumes and is the best alternative to custom clothing for you pet.

Color: Yorkie Yellow (series 1 color)

Amount: One Single Can

Shipping: Product can only be shipped via ground shipping because it is an aerosol. If you need PetPaint for an upcoming event, allow yourself 7-10 business days to receive the product via mail. Or, you can call a Pet store near you to see if they carry PetPaint.

SKU: 101YL
Manufacturer Part Number: 101PK


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so much fun!!!

We loved this! Will definitely buy again
Posted by undefined, 2nd Oct 2017

Yellow pet paint

Yellow goes on vibrant even on black coats but does not last even half as long as other colors.
Posted by Doodle Dog, 29th Aug 2016


I purchased this for my cat thinking since it was aerosol it would be something like an air freshener spray. It is not, it's much more powered than that, unfortunately scaring my cat. plus it goes straight into the fur because of the pressure.
Posted by undefined, 29th Oct 2014


Used on my black German Shepherd. We created stencils for our design. The yellow was difficult to see by itself on black fur, but we used the white paint first, then the yellow over it, worked great. We only used it for the day and washed it off a few hours later. 95% of it came off with just water alone, add a bit of soap and all gone. Follow the instructions and you won't be disappointed.
Posted by undefined, 25th Oct 2014