Best selection of pet costumes for dogs right here

With the New Year now gloriously upon us, perhaps it is time to do some things you may have put on the back burner this past year or in other years past. If one of those things happens to be pet costumes for dogs, well, you definitely have come to the right place. We are of course Pet Paint, and we have you absolutely covered. One thing you can definitely count on us to provide here at Pet Paint is that every one of our products are veterinarian tested and dog safe.

Here at Pet Paint, we are currently featuring a variety of products  of different sprays such as the whippet white colored pet hair spray, pug purple colored pet hair spray, old dog orange colored pet hair spray, grayhound green colored pet hair spary and so much more. In addition to offering a variety of different hair sprays, Pet Paint also has numerous paints and stencils in stock. While the holidays have come and gone, we are still in the giving mood here at Pet Paint, which explains why we are offering free shipping on all orders that exceed $100.

Pet Paint is essentially hair spray for dogs that is bright and easy to use. Pet Paint was started and founded by Abe Geary. Geary’s whole goal in starting Pet Paint was to allow people to celebrate holidays and other special occasions with their dog. We look forward to setting you up with some of our fun and exciting products.